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Our Solution


Hubbster designs and builds rugged outdoor fixtures — “Hubs” — that make it easy to access games and recreational gear, 24/7. The Hubbster app serves both as a key to access the Hubs as well as a method of connecting with other individuals in the area who may want to join in on a game of bocce, beach volleyball or table tennis, for example. 
With 15 different games and activities made available to the public to date, Hubbster is continuing to expand its selection so that public and shared spaces can pick and choose different Hubs based on their own unique needs.

Hubs are battery-driven, easy to install and intuitive to use.

Hubs are available in three size-groups and they come outfitted with a wide variety of games and workout equipment for outdoor use.

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Small Hubs allow users to enjoy TRX, Bocce, Chess, Backgammon, Mahjong, and Go.

hubbster icons-medium.png

Our medium Hubs allow users to play Petanque, Ping Pong, Beach Volley, Street Basketball, Football, Pole Tennis, Kubb, and Möllky.

hubbster icons-large.png

Large Hubs allow people to play Croquet.


In-Depth: The Hub


Rugged and Robust

Made from solid steel sheet and powder coated with robust finishes, our Hubs are rugged and robust. They have been stress-tested to outlast weather and vandalism alike, ensuring that people can enjoy them for a very long time.


Fully Connected

All of our Hubs are app accessible and have built-in sensor that notify us of any misuse or in case game objects need to be replaced or if maintenance is required.


Amazing Games

We care about providing amazing experiences for our users. That’s why all of our hubs are outfitted with the most high-quality games and objects available on the market.


Ambassador Program

Hubbster has received great support from a variety of stakeholders, including politicians and municipal leaders, real estate developers, sports associations, hospitals and retailers. If you are interested in our solution and want to discuss it with someone in your field who has previously worked with Hubbster, do let us know. We’ll happily connect you with one of our ambassadors.