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Hubbster enlivens public spaces with on-demand games and activities that promote social play for all.


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We bring play back to the city. For everyone.

At Hubbster, we believe play needs to be front and center on the urban agenda. With its far-reaching benefits, play is anything but trivial. It is critical for childhood development, it makes for more creative and energetic adults and it enables people of all ages to better connect with each other. By making play a more integrated part of urban life, Hubbster seeks to lure city-dwellers outside into public venues where there are greater opportunities for physical activity and social engagement — ideally at the same time. More opportunities for social play leads to happier, healthier and more resilient cities.


We offer Hubs, an on-demand play solution that makes a range of popular outdoor games and activities accessible 24/7. Combining popular, high-quality outdoor recreational equipment, outstanding design and state-of-the-art technology, Hubs are easy to install and deploy at scale, and can be adapted to public spaces of all sorts. 

Users locate and access the Hubs with an app, which can also be used to send invites to other people to join in a game for a more dynamic social experience.


What people say about us.

We see Hubbster as addressing the last mile for sports and recreation. The amenities have been built in the public space, Hubbster is the missing link for people to enjoy them spontaneously
— Ariel Weil, Mayor of the 4th Arrondissement, Paris
We had a game yesterday with my wife and 2 year old. We had a great time. Out of curiosity, Are you thinking of expanding the idea abroad? We are a French couple living in London (...). I’m part of a few freelancers and parents group that I’m sure would be very happy about having this in their local parks.
— Vincent M.
I hope there will be hubs everywhere in Paris soon
— Pierre, 18 years old